The Problem

In a world where we are increasingly consuming more, the average person finds it harder to spare money for their insurance. We aim to merge both consumption and insurance - seamless insurance.

We Believe

In harnessing the power of community

We can do much more and go further when we come together as corporates, families and friends!

About the Platform


Through this platform, products you consume everyday contribute towards your health insurance plan through targeted promotions. You can also save up for your insurance in a flexible manner.

How to Use


Step 1

Dial *789#

Sign up by filling in your personal details.

You’ll receive a notification on which items are on promotion.


Step 2

Once you purchase the items, simply dial *789# and follow the prompts to key in the promotion code and the amount will go towards your health insurance plan.


Step 3

It gets better, you can also set up a joint health insurance account where you can collectively channel the money from the promotions to one account and have a group policy.

How To Reach Us

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